About Us - Project Management & Software Development Methodology

Want to be certain that you're achieving your goals, within your budget, right from the start?

Over the years we've developed a methodology which focuses on supporting your overall marketing and development strategy, delivering a valuable online presence that generates returns quickly while controlling cost.

Development Process Flowchart
  1. Customer Brief/Requirements

    You contact Digital Monkey and we discuss what you need, when you need it and the resources available.

  2. Estimate

    We provide an estimate of project features, time and resources based on your requirements.

  3. Envisioning

    We work with you to examine your needs in detail, produce a complete visual and technical blueprint of your online presence, like the architectural plans for a house.

  4. Quote

    Based on the envisioning, we provide you with a fixed quote, defining exactly how resources will be allocated to complete your project.

  5. Frontend/Backend Development

    Now the project branches off into two areas: frontend and backend.

    The Frontend development sees all visual aspects of your project designed, from the graphic user interface (GUI) to the typeface and images used. It's like building the walls, ceiling and external decorative materials and colours of a house.

    The Backend development is about writing the code that makes your site work, like the frame, wiring and plumbing of your home.

  6. Frontend/Backend Integration

    This Stage sees the cohesion of the frontend and backend of the project. Basic functions of your site will be complete, you're ready to move in and finish off the extras that make your house special.

  7. Additional Modules/Features

    Now that the project has its basic form, we start work on the extras, just like landscaping your garden.

  8. Documentation/User Manual

    Digital Monkey will compile documentation for you to refer to so you can control and update your online presence.

  9. Beta Testing

    Before launching your online presence, we work with you to ensure that every aspect of the project is tested and working.

  10. Launch/Online Marketing

    Now it's time to go live and tell the world you're ready. Search engine optimization (SEO), paid search (CPA . cost per action & CPM . cost per thousand impressions) and social media will make your site visible to your target audience.