Team Profiles

David Evans Rebekah Byrne Rahul Trikha Stuart Gravestock Andrew Keynes
Evolve Online

Looking for the right mix of skills to develop your web presence without having to deal with a large and expensive company or herd a group of unrelated contractors?

It's important to feel comfortable with the people who are going to present you to the online world. Accepting compromises on skills and experience is not the way to achieve success. You need to be able to communicate easily with your partners via clearly defined channels to get the results you want. Don't waste money, time and energy getting caught up in bureaucratic processes typical of larger organisations. We keep communication clear, constant and effective so you know exactly how your project is progressing and we know exactly what you need and when you need it.

Digital Monkey has the right combination of creatives, geeks, management and entrepreneurial experience to deliver your project. We are a small and agile team of 5 experienced practitioners who leverage additional resources from a tried, tested and trusted pool of contractors. You can meet everyone working on the key aspects of your project and be certain we're the right team for you.

David Evans, Founder & Chair

Looking for a team with entrepreneurial drive backed by a proven track record in internet business development?

David started Digital Monkey in 2000 with a belief that South Australia's world class Arts and Entertainment Industry had intellectual capital untapped in the area of New Media. He continues to act as a consultant on Digital Monkey projects and direct the company's overall strategy.

Prior to founding Digital Monkey, David worked as IT Manager of the Adelaide Festival, Australia's premier performing arts event. His passion for art and technology led David to create StarPlayit (incorporated in 2005 as In The Chair), a multi-award winning music technology company delivering platforms for online musical performance and participation, incorporating disparate media sources: audio, video, sheet music and text from both professional and user generated content sources. David's entrepreneurship is demonstrated by his raising of several million from private investors and competitive research grants to commercialise StarPlayit; forming a successful international internet business at the intersection of music and technology.

David has presented at major technology conferences in the US and Australia including both the DEMO conference and O'Reilly's Web2.0 Summit. His innovation has been awarded by the Australia New Zealand America Technology Network, winning the inaugural Guy Manson award for hottest company at ANZAtech's Gateway Conference in Silicon Valley; the Australian Secrets of IT Innovation Competition in the Learning category; and representing South Australia at G'day USA Innovation Shoot Out in New York.

You're ready to succeed. You're ready to evolve online.

Rebekah Byrne, Creative Director

Looking for a team with creative flair and marketing nous?

With a university background in both Business Management and the Arts, Rebekah studied multimedia design and animation at IDEAS - International Digital Effects and Animation School. Graduating dux of her class in 2000, Rebekah travelled to the UK where she took up her first design role in Oxford as the senior new media expert for the respected design house, Images and Design.

On returning to Australia in 2002, Rebekah began her own freelance design business through which she began her long-standing relationship with Digital Monkey. Working with David Evans, Rebekah soon became an integral part of the Digital Monkey vision, transforming intellectual property from South Australia's world class Arts and Entertainment Industry into successful New Media projects.

In July 2005, when David founded StarPlayit (formerly In The Chair), Rebekah took on the operational management and development of the company's existing service business. David recognised that Rebekah's combination of business and design experience alongside her accomplishments as a singer and painter made her the perfect principal at Digital Monkey. Since then, Rebekah has returned Digital Monkey to its position of leadership among Adelaide's leading web design and software development houses.

You're ready to create. You're ready to evolve online.

Rahul Trikha, Technical Director

Looking for a team that knows its LAMP from its Rails without confusing you with techno-babble?

A Masters of Computer Science, Rahul is proficient in all of the latest and commonly used web programming languages (C++, .NET, PHP and Ruby). Rahul has successfully applied this knowledge to the wide range of projects that he's worked on for Digital Monkey's clients since 2005. He has proven to be extremely versatile in adapting to new ideas, as well as applying his high level problem-solving abilities to the task of creating software for the web.

Rahul has used his position at Digital Monkey to further develop his skills in the area of web development, game design and artificial intelligence. He has recently designed a state of the art media sharing system for the Adelaide Fringe, utilising YouTube and Flickr (APIs) to acquire a massive media library from users and deliver it to a worldwide audience. He is also redefining the technical delivery of media production services in the film and television industry on a yet to be announced project and for the Helpmann Academy, integrating their new website with the community features of the private social network platform, Ning.

Rahul's extensive programming skills and experience have enabled Digital Monkey to break into new corporate markets, working with larger client organisations in the Australian and international business communities. Rahul's excellent communication skills and dedicated interest in innovating for clients has made him an invaluable member of Digital Monkey's team.

You're ready to innovate. You're ready to evolve online.

Stuart Gravestock, Project Manager & Office Coordinator

Looking for a team with excellent communication skills and a proven track record of project delivery?

Stuart's fastidiousness and consistency in his crusade to improve grammatical accuracy wherever possible, coupled with his ability to look at any situation with an open, creative mind, has led him to Digital Monkey. In his dual role of Office Coordinator and Project Manager, Stuart ensures that client's requirements are understood and catered for as a matter of priority, while ensuring that the internal engine of Digital Monkey is running at an optimum level.

Throughout Stuart's working career, he has excelled at providing accurate information and advice in a clear and concise manner, be it from behind a cash register in a grocer's, as a librarian, or as a video game beta tester. This wide range of previous employment positions has enabled Stuart to gain an almost encyclopaedic range of knowledge and experience but he is always eager to learn more.

You're ready to deliver. You're ready to evolve online.

Andrew Keynes, Technical Support Officer

Looking for a team that will always be there for you whenever a problem arises?

Andrew's ability to listen to frustrated lay people and find the technical root of any problem is second to none. His addition to the Digital Monkey team has brought surety to our customers and diffused many potential technical minefields.

Andrew brings with him an impressive history of hands-on experience in technical support and server administration. For those who want specifics, he can handle Microsoft operating systems ranging from MS-DOS to Windows XP, and a range of Linux & BSD distributions with specific experience in setup and maintenance of Qmail mail servers, DHCP servers, Samba file servers, Apache web servers, MySQL databases, Rails setups, Hylafax fax servers, BIND DNS servers, OpenBSD PF firewalls/gateways, IPTables firewalls/gateways, Linux & Windows desktops, CACTI/MRTG/SNMP statistics and monitoring.

To Andrew, there is no such thing as a 'problem', merely another challenge to overcome, and he loves a challenge.

You're ready to be secure. You're ready to evolve online.