Services - Cross Platform Software Development

Looking to develop an application that works offline on your desktop or mobile phone, as well as in your web browser?

Most gadgets are now computers that can connect to the internet via a browser, just like your Mac or Windows PC. The browser is increasingly the platform of choice for all software development but the world wide web is not as everywhere and always on as we'd like. In situations when you're not connected to the rest of the universe, you need other options.

Digital Monkey's team has understood the cross-platform nature of media and software applications since we launched the company's original tagline: "interactive video studio". We can build you a software application that works in the browser when you're online and synchronises with versions that work offline, making appropriate features available via your computer desktop or mobile phone, no matter where you are.

Digital Monkey won't let you blow your budget heading down a rabbit warren that leads you nowhere. We know that controlling cost in software development is important, so we work with you to envision your project in detail and can provide a fixed price quote and timeline.

You're ready to go places you never thought you could. You're ready to evolve online.