6 High-Tech Gadgets Your Dog Will Love

We bring you all the latest doggy gadgets to keep your pup safe and entertained

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Today, technology influences nearly all aspects of our lives. With the use of technology, there is better access to information, smarter health tracking, and increased access to shopping. With how much technology we use in our daily lives, it only seems natural to utilise the technology we have today on our four-legged companions.

After all, every committed dog owner knows that caring for your pet requires a lot of time and effort on your end. With the use of gadgets that are available on the market today, caring for your canine companion is made easier and more convenient. Although these gadgets are by no means a replacement for the tender loving care and attention that only you can provide, they can enhance the way we care for our pets. Even the simple cost of pets alone (let alone the personal and emotional connections) justifys the investment of pet insurance as well as maintaining their healthy lifetsyle and diet.

The tech innovations made in animal care will help pets feel more comfortable while pet care and ownership become less stressful. With some gadgets offering features like health and GPS tracking, pet owners gain peace of mind as they have better access to valuable information about their pets.

Whether you are looking for the right gadget to monitor your pup’s weight or need some help in making sure your pet is safe within your property, we have gathered the best high-tech gadgets for the tech-savvy pooch and their fur parent:

Pet Trackers and Leashes

Fi Smart Dog Collar Series 2 (Approx. AU$208.10 and above on Fi’s official site)

The Fi Smart Dog Collar is a second-generation collar that further improves upon its already excellent predecessor. This high-tech collar offers faster escape alerts, improved location tracking, and a new sleep-monitoring feature. More than that, it boasts a longer battery life, high-quality hardware, and fun social features for you and your pet.

The collar comes with a GPS plan, so you can track your pup’s whereabouts. The plan comes with a 1-month free trial and includes features like daily and monthly activity history, convenient tracking, safe zones, a lost dog mode, and more.

GO Smart Pet Leash by PETKIT (AU$92.10 on Amazon)

Although the GO Smart Pet Leash first came out a few years ago, it continues to be a favourite among fur parents due to its many features. As the recipient of the 2017 Red Dot Design Awards, it offers a sleek, recognisable design. It not only serves as a traditional dog leash but is also ergonomically designed with your handling comfort in mind.

Leveraging Bluetooth technology, it works alongside the PETKIT app to keep track of your pup’s fitness goals. The app records where you walk and for how long, with the information stored in the app’s history. As an added bonus, the ergonomic handle has an integrated LED light and torch for those late-night walks.

Pet Care

Waggle RV Temperature Monitoring (AU$417.39 on Waggle’s official site)

This lightweight device offers real-time temperature monitoring and alerts you when the temperature in your car or recreational vehicle has gotten too hot or cold for your pet. As the name suggests, this device is recommended for pet owners who love to take their dogs with them during road trips and cross-country trips in their RVs.

The device also comes with an iOS and Android app for remote monitoring and alerts fur parents via text message, email, or push notifications when the temperature is too high or low. The rechargeable battery can last up to one week which makes it the perfect device for adventurous pups and pet owners!

Smart Feed Automatic Dog Feeder by PetSafe (AU$343.99 on PetSafe’s official site)

With this device, feeding has never been easier! This gadget delivers measured amounts to your dog, up to 12 times a day. This makes it more convenient to keep your pup on a diet and ensures your dog is fed on a consistent schedule, even on busy days when you can’t be home during mealtimes.

The dog feeder is also controllable using your smartphone and can be used with a 3-D printed splitter to feed two pups at once! The splitter is sold separately but offers a convenient option when you’re caring for two canine companions.

Interactive Toys

Varram Fitness Robot (Currently on sale for AU$149.23 on Varram’s official site; Original price is at AU$275.45)

The Varram Fitness robot stimulates your dog to move using a series of interactive games and tasty treats using its built-in treat dispenser. This can be particularly useful when you are looking for pugs for sale. As an indoor dog, pugs typically spend the majority of their days sleeping and have bursts of physical activity throughout the day.

In addition to finding a trustworthy pug breeder, it’s important for pugs to get enough exercise to maintain good health and overall wellness. An interactive toy is an excellent way to encourage exercise when you’re not at home. With 16 different play modes, your pug will surely be encouraged to play and stay active even indoors. This easy-to-clean device is also water-resistant for hassle-free maintenance.

iFetch Too Automatic Ball Launcher (AU$439.99 on iFetch’s official site)

As the name suggests, the iFetch Too automatically launches balls to offer mental and physical stimulation for your pup when you’re not at home. With its automatic ball-launching feature, there’s no need to warm up your pitching arm — simply plug in the device, set your desired distance, and let the zoomies commence!

Designed for medium to large dogs, it comes with a rechargeable battery that can last up to 300 throws. It also offers four different distance settings to allow more flexibility depending on your pet’s capabilities and your available space.

These are just a few high-tech gadgets that your canine companion will surely enjoy. These gadgets are designed to not only help your pet stay comfortable, healthy, and safe but also to make your life as a fur parent easier. With the use of pet care technology, you can further enhance your ability to provide care for your beloved pets.